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          ATLAS TRT Barrel


August 2 - All type 1 modules inserted

August 6 - First electronics installed

September 18- First type 3 module installed

September 19- BBQ  

Highlights from Tuesday, October 26- Torroid down the hole! 

Oct 28  The LAr calorimeter does down into the pit.- Our future home.

November 19 - All type 2 modules installed 

Dec 9. First type 2 electronics installed


                Module installation status:  status

                Module preparation status:  status  (NICE login required)

                The status barrel integration milestones:    Barrel-integration-milestones.xls

                The module placement matrix in BSS (all modules) available on Trtwiki

                Cable length drawing: cable-length.pdf

               Leak test spread sheet for Type 1 modules. leaktestmod.xls

               The minutes and action items from the Barrel Electronic

               and Mechanical Integration meetings: minutes

               To view a selection of pictures taken in SR-1 and the test beam:  images

               CERN work schedules:  CERN-schedules.xls


        Contact Chiho (, Harold ( or John ( to suggest changes or additions.